What Do We Do?

General Internal Medicine

We accept referrals for General medical problems for adults including Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Iron overload, Syncope etc.

Weight Management

We believe that Obesity is a chronic medical condition and it should be managed as such, short term quick fix solutions dont work. We follow the latest in Obesity Management as per guidelines and provide nutritional counselling as the initial step. We also use medications if required for management for Obesity. We also make referrals for Bariatric surgery if needed. 

About Us

Hello I'm Dr. Padma Naidu

Dr Padma Naidu did her medical school in India, then she immigrated to Canada and did her residency in Internal Medicine at Wayne State University, Detroit. She also worked at Harper Hospital, Detroit Medical Centre for 4 years before starting her practice in Windsor, Ontario.

She has been practicing General Internal Medicine in Windsor since 2011. She obtained her sub specialty Board certification in Obesity Medicine in 2017 and since then has a focus on treating Obesity in her practice. Her special interest other than Obesity includes Hematology, Cardiology and General Internal Medicine.

Current President, Essex County Medical Society

Adjunct Professor of Medicine Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry Windsor Campus

Speaking Assignments

  • Approach to Anemias- Feb 25, 2017 – Geriatric Day- Hotel Deiu Grace Hospital
  • London Primed May 28, 2018 Talk on Obesity
  • Windsor, Ontario- Windsor Health Expo October 6th, 2018


Hospital Affiliations

Windsor Regional Hospital, Metropolitan Campus

Erie Shores Health Care, Leamington

My right hand Melissa Valley is the Office Manager at Dr Naidu’s clinic. She has been working with this office since it started in 2011. She is a very dedicated employee and is a very helpful person.

Dr.Padma Naidu



Our Specialty OPTIFAST Program

The OPTIFAST® program is a medically-supervised weight loss program that closely monitors and assesses progress towards better health and emotional well-being.

The program utilizes a meal replacement plan that transitions to self-prepared ‘everyday’ meals, in conjunction with comprehensive patient education and support.


We are not beta tester

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Experience is everything

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Our medically-supervised weight loss OPTIFAST program


Starterper month
  • 2 hours of Dedicated Training Support
  • Diet Recommendations and Control
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Midper month
  • No Expiry Date
  • 24/7 in Touch on the Phone
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Expertper month
  • 2 hours of Dedicated Training Support
  • Diet Recommendations and Control
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Addtional Add-Ons

# Type Session Price
1 Evaluation 60 Minutes $60
2 Personal One on One Sessions 120 Minutes $60

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