General Internal Medicine & Obesity Medicine

Hello I'm Dr. Padma Naidu

Dr Padma Naidu is an Internal Medicine and Obesity Medicine specialist based out of Windsor, Ontario, Canada. She is American Board of Internal Medicine certified physician who has been practising in Windsor since 2011. Her areas of interest include Hematology, Diabetes and Metabolic illnesses, Hypertension, etc. She also obtained her American Board of Obesity Medicine Diplomate in 2016 and since then she has a focus on treating Obesity in her practice. She has been the Past President of Essex County Medical Society for 2019. She is an Adjunct Professor at the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry. She also works as a Hospitalist at Windsor Regional Hospital.
She is very passionate about helping individuals living with Obesity manage this chronic medical problem in the best way possible. She also volunteers her time as the Chair of the Windsor Chapter of Obesity Canada. She has given several talks to medical professionals about Obesity and also has actively participated in several community events to increase awareness of Obesity.

We Provide Various kind of
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General Internal Medicine

We accept referrals from Family doctors/Physicians for various medical problems in adults including Blood disorders/Anemia, Diabetes, Hypertension, Iron problems etc.

Weight Management

We believe that Obesity is a Chronic Medical Problem which needs Medical attention. We are here to help with our practices based in Evidence Based Medicine which include combination of Nutrition therapy, Behavioural Therapy,Meal replacements, Weight loss Medications and/or referral to surgical services as and when needed.

Weight Management Services

We provide exellect services for your ultimate good health. Here some of the service are included
for your better understand that we are always at your side.

Composition Analysis

We provide testing for Body Composition Analysis using InBody Analyzer. Please ask our clinic for details


We provide The Optifast 900 Meal replacement program which includes both Full meal replacement and Partial Meal Replacement.

Nutrition services and Behavioural Therapy

We collaborate with other allied Health Care Professionals like Nutritionists or Dietitians who help with Nutrition Therapy and Psychologists who help with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Eating disorders and Food addiction etc.

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